United Nations

New UN Day, International Day to Combat Islamophobia, is Adopted Unanimously But Not Without Controversy

The United Nations has unanimously adopted a resolution submitted by Pakistan on behalf of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to set aside March 15 as

Facebook Shuts Down, Then Restores Pages of Arab Atheists and Secularists

Religious News From Around the Web August 16, 2021

Facebook Rolls Out Prayer Group; Churches, Organizations Pitch In To Help in Dixie Fire; Supreme Court’s Next Big One: Religion and Abortion; Infrastructure Bill

Vatican Quashes ‘Fake News’ of Pope Benedict Death

Religious News From Around the Web August 9, 2021

Scientologist Wins Case Against Munich "Sect Filter;" Religious Restrictions Return with Rise of Delta Variant; Vatican Launches Global Compact on the Family; Problems With

Muslim Leader Urges Unity and Peace; Addresses Immigration Crisis

Islam advocates that true concept of peace through justice is linked with recognition of God. In today's world where conflicts are rising and wars

Abdur Rab Divine Unity

The Quranic Conception of Divine Unity and 7 Lessons We Learn

[Adapted from chapter 3 of Toward A Quranic Understanding of the Divine: Perspectives from Three Thinkers] Divine Unity The Quran’s central message – the

Martin Luther King Jr

How Writings in the Quran Supported Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Equality Movement

Portions of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s goals to eradicate racial inequality were echoed in the Quran some 1,300 years prior. Martin Luther King, Jr.

An Ahmadi Muslim’s Message on Christmas

Christmas is a joyous time for Christians all around the world. People's faces shine with excitement on Christmas. Decorations and adornments can be seen

Video of Racist Bullying in Huddersfield is Not Shocking… It Happened to Me Too

There is ample evidence that media coverage of Muslims and Islam is disproportionately negative. I was deeply disturbed by viral footage of a young

Celebrating Thanksgiving as an Ahmadi Muslim

Thanksgiving is an opportunity to reflect on the blessings bestowed upon us. Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated here in North America. On this day

Was Prophet Muhammad Really Illiterate? An Interview with Juan Cole

Joseph Richard Preville interviews Juan Cole about his new book, Muhammad: Prophet of Peace Amid the Clash of Empires. Prophet Muhammad was one of