Pope and Trump are Tied for Second Most Admirable Men of 2015

Donald Trump and Pope Francis Tied for Second Most Admired Men in Gallup's Top 10. The most admired woman and man in the world,

Caitlyn Jenner Praying With an Anti-LGBT Church Leader

Caitlyn Jenner prays with Baptist Pastor Young in Houston. Just a few days after Caitlyn Jenner made a public apology on her blog for

Richard Dawkins Made a Special Appearance at Nightwish Concert

Richard Dawkins rocks sold out crowd at Nightwish concert. On the night of December 18, the Finnish band Nightwish performed an extraordinary concert for

Tyler Perry will Host Fox Live Musical “The Passion” March 2016

Fox will air "The Passion," a live musical retelling of the crucifixion. On Palm Sunday 2016, Fox will bring the timeless story of Jesus'

Kirk Cameron saving Christmas

Kirk Cameron Spreading Joy With ‘Saving Christmas’

Kirk Cameron's 2014 film 'Saving Christmas' aims to get viewers into the holiday spirit. Kirk Cameron, Christian actor/film producer says that he is hoping

How Obi-Wan Kenobi of ‘Star Wars’ Became A Devout Catholic

Alec Guinness, who played Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, had an out of the ordinary experience that prompted him to convert to Catholicism. Star

Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes is Actually A Catholic Priest

'The Redemption of the Devil' documentary reveals the "fascinating walking contradiction" that is Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes. The Eagles of Death

Fans Flock to Buddhist Statue, Inspired by Rugby Player

Thousands of fans have been visiting a Buddhist statue at Seki Zenkoji Temple that resembles Rugby player Ayumu Goromaru. A Japanese Buddha statue has

French Comedian Sentenced to Jail for Anti-Semitism

Comedian Dieudonne was sentenced to two months in jail for anti-Semitic jokes. Dieudonne M'bala M'bala, the controversial French comedian, was sentenced by a Belgian

Atheist Harris and ex-Radical Islamist Nawaz Argue that Islam Has Not Been Successful in Modernizing

A dialog between a former Islamist radical Maajid Nawaz and a famous atheist Sam Harris. Maajid Nawaz, an ex-Islamist, and Sam Harris, a confirmed