How Christianity Influenced Will Smith in ‘Concussion’ Movie

By Taís Melillo from New York, USA (Celebrity sighting) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Taís Melillo from New York, USA (Celebrity sighting) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Will Smith says grandma’s Christian faith helped prepare him for his role in ‘Concussion.’

Will Smith, the A -list actor in the Hollywood film fraternity, plays the lead role in his latest film Concussion. He plays Dr. Bennet Omalu, in the true retelling of how the a Nigerian born American forensic pathologist discovered the vital fact that concussions could lead to psychological disorders in the longer term.

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Dr. Omalu has repeatedly said that his ethics and deep Catholic faith has helped him to take the NFL head on. He did a hard legal battle and exposed the truth. Indeed, in the film, the doctor's supervisor, Dr. Cyril Wecht (played by Albert Brooks) tells him that he is going to war and his opponent was a corporation which owns a day of any week- the same day which was once owned by the church.

According to Smith, his job was made much easier by an unexpected source: his grandmother. The actor described her as his spiritual teacher and thanked her for helping him to portray Omalu, in real life a deeply religious person.

In his interview with the media, Smith said that his grandmother was his connection to God. She was his spiritual teacher and embodied that person in any church who had the kids doing Easter presentations and Christmas plays, and wanted her kids or her grandkids to come first in such activities. He went further and added that she was the most spiritual person he has met in his life. Smith mentioned the fact that even when his grandmother was dying, she was happy, like she was excited to go to heaven.

Smith was born and subsequently brought up as a Baptist. He studied in a Catholic school for his education. In this highly anticipated film, the actor plays the part of Dr. Omalu, who received extreme flak from the NFL for his assertion that concussions result in psychological disorders for the longer term. The real Dr. Omalu continued in his quest undeterred.

Smith said that the scientific part was new when it came to his portrayal of Bennet. This is because his grandmother was not a scientifically minded person. Instead she read the Bible and was spiritually inclined.

The real Dr. Omalu was equally effusive about Smith. He said that the famous Hollywood actor spent time with him and he noticed that Smith was extremely observant. The doctor told the media that Smith told him he took the role only after meeting him. He asserted that a deep spirituality exists in Smith, and described that they met, shared and communed God's love. He said that Smith saw the spirit and light of God.


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