“There Is No God.” Stephen Hawking Says in His Final Book Brief Answers to the Big Questions

There Is No God, Stephen Hawking Says in His Final Book ‘Brief Answers to the Big Questions’

Hawking says belief in any event after death is simply wishful thinking. Stephen Hawking, well-known physicist and atheist, dismissed the idea of God a

Considering Interfaith Relations Between Jews, Christians, and Muslims: An Interview with Patrick J. Ryan, S.J.

What binds Jews, Christians, and Muslims together in a family of faith and friendship? Rev. Patrick J. Ryan, S.J. considers this question in his

Infamous Kim Davis Releases Memoir

Infamous Kim Davis Releases A Memoir

County Clerk Kim Davis Used Personal Faith to Deny Marriage Certificates Kim Davis, the county clerk who came into prominence due to her extreme

Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz on Abortion: God is the Judge

The pastor's comments have drawn criticism from religious quarters Popular Hillsong Church Pastor Carl Lentz has met with criticism ever since he failed to

New Book Sheds Light on Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Pope John Paul I’s Death

Pope Francis is soon going to sign a decree instating the ‘heroic virtue’ of the late Pope, a huge leap in the Canonization cause

Chrismukkah Book Draws Controversy

The New Children’s Book about “Chrismukkah”: ‘Hanukkah Harvie vs. Santa Claus’

Book Celebrates Holiday Celebration of Interfaith Families Though Hanukkah Harvie vs. Santa Claus has only just been released (11/1/17), it’s already had an interesting

Dan Brown’s New Book “Origin” Discusses Religion

The book is already a blockbuster Dan Brown can now breathe easy. His new novel Origin has already topped sales on Amazon.[/tweetit] Fans of

Former NBC ‘Meet the Press’ Moderator David Gregory on Faith, his New Book

David Gregory is bridging the gap between Christianity and Judaism with his new book How's Your Faith? An Unlikely Spiritual Journey. Being expelled from