Aaradhya Sharma

Aaradhya’s India: The Whole World Is Our Family

A 7-year-old girl shares her pride in her home country, India, in a video posted to Facebook. Scientologist Wayne Hanson, a regular contributor to

Why Franklin Graham Prays For Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Why Franklin Graham Prays For Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Graham requested prayers to convert Kate Brown. Evangelist Franklin Graham recently held a rally in Oregon where he asked the people gathered to take

Everything You Need To Know About International Yoga Day

Everything You Need To Know About International Day of Yoga

The June 21 Global Event Is Not Just About Religion or Hinduism On June 21, hundreds of thousands of people will be twisting their

Christians Beware! Yoga is Evil Blogger Warns

Christian conservatives are afraid of the fictional retreat of Christianity Matt Walsh, a Christian blogger, has termed yoga as a kind of pagan practice.[/tweetit]

Wellness Techniques Steal Culture To Make a Profit

It’s time for us to be a little more upset about the normalization of these neo-New Age practices. While Gwyneth Paltrow is taking "Wellness"

Faith in Recovery Part 4

Faith in Recovery Pt. 4: The Most Popular and Unique Faith-Based Rehabs & Programs

From A.A. to mountain climbing, these are some of the most talked about and most creative programs and facilities for drug rehabilitation. “As human

Today is International Yoga Day

The fourth annual International Yoga Day is being celebrated by major brands across the world. Take a deep breath, now breathe out. Today is

Teacher Talking About Yoga is Arrested in Russia For Illegal Missionary Activity

Arrest has been made based on testimony from witnesses who insist the teacher was trying to spread Hinduism. A yoga teacher in Russia was

School Forced to Ban Yoga After Parents Complain

Elementary school forced to cease yoga classes and use of "namaste" after complaints from parents. The Bullard Elementary School in Kennesaw, Georgia has recently

Hinduism and Yoga

Is Hinduism Too Intrinsic to Yoga?

Yoga is a common way to stay healthy, but some feel it is too close to Hinduism. This has become controversial in light of