Customers of a Buddhist Barber Shop in Spokane Stop in for a Haircut and Leave at Peace

An article in the Spokane Faiths and Values Community website features local barber Jefferson Workman. A member of the board of directors of the

Arson Attacks Target Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Halls in Washington State

Arson Attacks Target Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Halls in Washington State

A $36,000 cash reward has been announced by law enforcement authorities. Both Washington State police and federal authorities have begun to investigate a series

List of 31 Washington Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse Has Been Released

List of 31 D.C. Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse Has Been Released

McCarrick was not in the list due to a technicality. A list of 31 clergymen “credibly accused” of the crime of abusing children has

America a Christian Nation?

Is America a “Christian Nation?”

Our founders purposefully aligned our nation's foundation with the cornerstone of a biblical framework Are we really a "Christian nation," or has that claim

Football Coach talking to player on field

Court Rules Coach Can’t Pray on Football Field

High School Coach's Suspension is Upheld A Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a football coach appeal on Wednesday. Coach Joe Kennedy was suspended from

WA Supreme Court Says Flower Shop Guilty of Discriminating Against Gay Couple

State says business violated nondiscrimination laws by refusing to provide services for a same-sex marriage. The owner of the Richmond floral shop who was

Supreme Court Rejects Pharmacy’s Religious Rights Appeal

Washington pharmacy's religious rights appeal declined by Supreme Court. Recently, the Supreme Court declined to challenge Washington state's law that makes it illegal to

Pharmacies Can’t Use Religious Belief as Exemption from Dispensing Medication Says Court of Appeals

Ruling says pharmacists need to do their job, regardless of their personal religious beliefs. The San Francisco Court of Appeals strengthened existing Washington state

Sharia Law Home Loans

Seattle Wants to Offer Sharia Law-Compliant Home Loans

The charging of exorbitant interest rates or fees when lending money is prohibited in Islam and is the reason why most Low-income Muslims don’t

Catholic and Evangelicals leaders meet in Washington to discuss poverty

President Barack Obama attends a panel in Washington and speaks out about poverty in front of Catholics and Evangelicals. John Carr, a former official of