Cathedral in Ukraine

U.S. Federal Watchdog Decries Violations of Religious Liberty in Russia and Russian-Occupied Ukraine

Religious liberty in Russia and in the occupied regions of Ukraine have been steadily and systematically eroded since the Kremlin’s invasion in 2022, reaching

Religious News From Around the Web, Dec 30th 2019

Amish Eviction, Religious Freedom Violators, Daf Yomi? China Bans Christmas, Church vs. State, Video: Incarceration of Chinese Uighurs, Taoism and Star Wars Michigan County

WRN News From the Web: Mosque Shelters Students, Atheists Not Church, US Sanctions China over Uighurs, Rohingyas Denied Education, Dublin’s Covert Church, Iran Suppressing Bahá’ís, SMU Minus Methodist?, African Churches Use Scientology

Wisconsin Students Shelter in Mosque During School Attack About 100 high school students sheltered in a mosque across the street from their Oshkosh West

The Latest Religious Freedom Report Provides Dire Review

The Latest Religious Freedom Report Provides Dire Review

Oppression isn't just striking Muslims The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom has issued its latest report about religious freedom in the United

High-Profile Case Against Jehovah’s Witnesses Started Today in Russia’s Supreme Court

Russia's suspension of Jehovah’s Witnesses has been condemned by UN and USCIRF. On March 24, 2017, Russia’s Ministry of Justice suspended Jehovah’s Witnesses with

Report on Religious Freedom

International Religious Freedom Report Has Dark Findings

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom releases grim study on the state of religious freedom around the world. A recent report by US

Religious Freedom Endangered by Rise in Blasphemy Law Use Led by Pakistan

Blasphemy law use on rise, led by Pakistan: US group (via AFP) Governments around the world are increasingly invoking blasphemy laws, with Pakistan by