Fareed Ahmad United Against Extremism

After Glasgow Murder, United Against Extremism Peace Campaign Launches

Glasgow's Ahmadiyya Muslim Community launches peace campaign United Against Extremism. It was a grey, overcast day when the planned United Against Extremism campaign launch

UNIQLO Introduces New Clothing Line for Muslims

UNIQLO releases their first ever fashion line for the modern modest Muslim woman in America. Muslim traditions and religion have seen women stick to

Jesus: Man, Myth or God? Research Study on England's Christian Beliefs

Jesus: Man, Myth or God? Research Study on England’s Christian Beliefs

Study on the Perceptions of Jesus, Christians & Evangelism in the U.K. As Christians all over the globe gathered to commemorate Ash Wednesday, the

People on Train Protect a Muslim Woman from Racist Attack

Passengers shut down a vicious verbal attack of a British Muslim woman. Ruhi Rehman, a British citizen and a Muslim, thanked the public when

Islamophobia in U.K.

Islamophobia in the U.K. is on the rise due to politicians and media

The majority of U.K. Muslims have experienced Islamophobia according to a new survey. A study conducted by Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), a prominent

Sikh Langar Feeds Thousands at Parliament of the World’s Religions Conference

Sikhs host a pop-up lunch for people of all faiths at Salt Lake convention. The Parliament of the World's Religions, which was held in

This Genuine Charity Fighting Islamophobia has Islamist Haters

In the face of all the good and supportive things they hope to achieve, both MAMA and its founder Fiyaz Mughal have earned Islamist

Dalai Lama on Refugee Crisis and U.K.’s Reaction to Migrants: Killing Must End

The Dalai Lama Addresses the European response to the latest wave of refugees and offers a solution to future migrant problems at an Oxford

Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Have More than Doubled This Year Alone in United Kingdom

Crime figures released by the U.K. Police last week indicate that 10% of anti-Semitic crimes are violent in nature. Anti-Semitic hate crimes which include