The Satanic Temple Receives Tax-Exempt Status from IRS

The Satanic Temple Receives Tax-Exempt Status from IRS

The Satanic Temple is now a full-fledged religion in the eyes of the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) now recognizes The Satanic Temple

Christian Man Refuses to Pay Taxes Because He Opposes Abortion

Man Wins Not Paying Taxes Because They Support Abortion

The judge dismissed the IRS prosecutor's statement Michael Bowman of Columbia City, Oregon, has refused to pay income tax or file his tax return

Forbes Contributor Analyzes Scientology Tax Status

Scientology's status as a tax-exempt religion is being analyzed by the media. Forbes contributor Peter J. Reilly, who focuses on tax issues of individuals

Is the Ark Encounter Trying to Avoid Paying Taxes?

City officials are tensed about a legal standoff with the Ark Encounter. Ark Encounter, the biblical amusement park, has sold the land on which

German Church Tax

German Politician Wants to Apply Church Tax to Muslims

In a move to recognize Islam as a growing religion and to reduce radicalization, German politician suggests a Muslim church tax. Alexander Radwan, a

Bill Maher Thinks Churches Need to Pay Taxes

Religious institutions are tax "deadbeats" says Bill Maher. Comedian and commentator Bill Maher is “hopping mad” that large U.S. corporations such as GM and

Muslim Woman Wants You to Vote Republican Despite Islamophobia

Saba Ahmed believes Islam and Republican values are more compatible than liberal views. Comments by a number of Republican Presidential candidates, including Donald Trump

Icelanders Converting To Zuism To Get A Tax Refund

Zuists want to abolish the funding provided by the government to religious organizations. Zuism, a new religion in Iceland, has promised its adherents a