Icelanders Converting To Zuism To Get A Tax Refund


Zuists want to abolish the funding provided by the government to religious organizations.

Zuism, a new religion in Iceland, has promised its adherents a refund of the taxes the Icelandic government imposes for every person registering as a Zuist in the country. Many Icelanders have flocked to take up the offer. Zuism is a movement which worships ancient gods of Sumer.

Icelanders Converting To Zuism To Get A Tax Refund[/tweetthis]

The popularity of Zuism can be gauged from the fact that approximately 3,100 individuals, amounting to nearly one percent of the population of the country, have enrolled themselves in the movement. They are protesting against the payment of a part of their tax to the state church, Evangelical Lutheran Church. Money obtained from taxes is also diverted to other religious bodies. Zuism followers will be the beneficiaries of a refund of the tax component set aside for religion.

The Zuist website clearly states that anyone who has crossed 16 years of age can register with the religion (the action would automatically unregister from National Church of Iceland). This would result in refund of the parish fees. There is a problem however, with tax authorities declaring that if the Zuists proceed to refund the parish fees, then the recipients must pay income tax applicable on these funds.

Zuists aim to abolish the funding provided by the government to religious organizations. It believes that the state must stop the collection of data on a person's personal religious belief in Iceland. The Icelanders are pressing for isolating the church from the state for quite a few years now. It is thus natural that Zuism has enjoyed popularity from its inception.

Zuism was registered as a religion in the country in 2013. However, its inactivity has put the religion in risk for being de-registered. The website states that Zuism constitutes a platform for the religion's members to practice a belief of ancient Sumer.  It goes on to affirm that Zuists completely support freedom of religion and freedom from religion, and its tenets say that government must repeal any law which grants religious organizations the financial privilege, or any other kind of advantage, above the other organizations. Zuism has also stated that it will delete itself after all objectives were met.

A surprising development is that a few newly registered Zuists have shown an interest in worshiping of the ancient Sumerian gods. A few of them even conducted a service, and enjoyed Sumerian poetry reading.  


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