Thousands Celebrate Easter Sunday with Pope Francis

Thousands filled St. Peter's Square for the pope's Easter Sunday Mass. Thousands of the faithful braved intense security checks to celebrate Easter Mass with

New Trump Travel Ban is Still a Muslim Ban

Trump's revised executive order bans immigrants from six Muslim-majority countries. A new ban on travel to the United States was signed by President Donald

No, Most Refugees Entering the U.S. Are Not Muslims, They’re Christians

Of the 85,000 Refugees entering the US in 2016, 61% were Christian. Thousands of refugees fleeing from African and Middle Eastern countries end up

NFL Players Union Vowing to Support Muslims After Ban

Following the ban, NFL union vows to protect and support families of Muslim players. NFL Football Players Association vowed to stand by their Muslim

Syrian Christian Family Deported from Philadelphia Airport

Visas in order, Syrian Christian family turned back at Philly airport. A Christian family of two brothers, along with their children and wives were

Christian Leaders Divided Over Trump’s Plan to Prioritize Persecuted Christians

Christian groups are divided over issues concerning refugee resettlement. American Christians have grown increasingly fearful over the last 10 years. They have seen Christians

Trump Signs Action for Extreme Vetting of Immigrants, Zuckerberg Speaks Out

Trump's action is against the constitutional spirit of the United States. A number of executive orders were signed by President Donald J. Trump during

President Trump’s Executive Order Against Immigration and the Border Wall

President Trump takes first steps towards restricting the entry of refugees into the U.S. President Donald Trump has already started working on an executive

Pope Francis Sends Letter to Syrian President Urging to Maintain Peace

The Pope has urged Bashar-al Assad to uphold the laws of humanity in Syria through a letter sent through Cardinal Mario Zenari. The situation

This is Why Muslims in Italy are Celebrating Christmas

Italy's Muslim refugees are joining in on Christmas festivities to assimilate into the culture. In a country where 95 percent of the population is