Colosseum Lit Up Red to Honor Religious Persecuted Christians

Colosseum Lit Up Red to Honor Religious Persecuted Christians

Initiative by ACN to shine light on Christians who face persecution will illuminate Colosseum in red The Colosseum, the most popular landmark in Rome,

Newsweek Says Trump’s Plan is to Divide America Based on Religion; Faith Leaders Unite to Dispel Anti-Muslim Bigotry

CAIR organizes a statement from interfaith leaders condemning Trump's muslim ban. The State of the Union speech last night falls exactly one year after

Persecution of Egyptian Christians

Unprecedented Persecution of Egypt’s Christians

Christians are denied jobs and generally discriminated against in Egypt. A report published by Open Doors, a Christian persecution charity, said Egyptian citizens belonging

It Seems The Supreme Court Will Side With Trump’s Travel Bans

Trump’s Travel Ban on Muslim Countries Gets Huge Win

Recent Supreme Court ruling demonstrates a change in attitude toward decision to support “Muslim ban”. Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the

Hajj 2017

Massive Numbers of Muslim Pilgrims Affected By Conflict

The annual pilgrimage done in the midst of a middle east crisis Approximately two million devout Muslims from all over the world have converged

Putin Supports Vatican-Russian Orthodox meeting

Putin Supports Recent Dialogue Between Vatican and Russian Orthodox Church

Both churches agreed on playing humanitarian roles Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed the meeting between Russian Orthodox Church and the Vatican[/tweetit]. The Russian President

Muslims Nazi Concentration Camp

At a Nazi Concentration Camp Muslims Look at Germany’s Past

They believe Israel is the source of all their troubles For Middle Eastern Muslim refugees in Germany, a visit to World War II concentration

Pope Francis is Concerned with ‘Dangerous’ U.S. – Russia Partnership

"The G20 worries me" -Pope Francis In an interview with La Repubblica, Pope Francis has expressed concern about the alliance between the U.S. and

Hawaii and Twitter are Protesting the New Travel Ban

The two entities were among the first to openly protest the travel ban, but many more are also against it. The travel ban put

This is Why ‘Witches’ Are Using Binding Spells To Oppose Trump

Thousands of 'witches' cast a spell on President Trump. Last year Americans held their presidential elections and voted in President Donald Trump. In the