DC Comics New Superhero: Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is DC Comics’ New Superhero in ‘Second Coming’

Second Coming is written by God is Disappointed in You author Mark Russell. Jesus Christ is the new superhero in the DC Comics canon.[/tweetit]

Should Christians Watch and Enjoy Avengers: Infinity War?

Should Christians Watch and Enjoy ‘Avengers: Infinity War’?

Superheroes could Be Just Another Form of Idol Worship Marvel Studios just released a teaser for the third entry into the Avengers series, Infinity

What The Movie Black Panther Teaches Us About Religion

What The Movie ‘Black Panther’ Teaches Us About Religion

Black Panther’s Message About Global Racial Engagement Can Teach Organized Religion How To Focus What can a superhero movie teach us about religion? Superheroes

How Is Christianity the basis for new x-men movie dark phoenix?

How Is Christianity The Basis For New X-Men Movie Dark Phoenix?

The Character of Jean Grey Has Connections To Both Old and New Testament “I am fire and life incarnate! Now and forever I am

Is Marvel's TV Show Runaways Attacking Religion

Is The Marvel TV Show ‘Runaways’ Attacking Religion?

The Church of Gibborim could be seen as an attack on different religions. Warning: Spoilers for Show The Marvel Universe continues to expand into