Is Marvel's TV Show Runaways Attacking Religion

Is The Marvel TV Show ‘Runaways’ Attacking Religion?

Is Marvel's TV Show Runaways Attacking Religion

The Church of Gibborim could be seen as an attack on different religions.

Warning: Spoilers for Show

The Marvel Universe continues to expand into television, with the recent addition of Hulu’s Runaways, a show about a group of children who find out their parents are actually super-villains. The comic originally had parents practicing human sacrifice to a race of demonic beings from another dimension.

Is The Marvel TV Show “Runaways” Attacking Religion?[/tweetthis]

The TV show has made some modifications to the comic and one of them could potentially cause some controversy. One of the character’s parents runs a new age religion called The Church of Gibborim, with an emphasis on science.

The word comes from a Biblical term in Genesis about a race of mysterious creatures called the Nephilim. The creator of the comic, Brian Vaughan, used this to inspire him to create a race of demons he would call the Gibborim.

So is the show’s Church a secret recruitment for demonic worship? This easily could create problems if the show becomes more popular. The show has received mixed reviews, and it is unclear if the show will be renewed for a second season.


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