Pope Francis Demands Help for Iraqi Citizens

Pope calls for help to prevent civilian casualties in the battle for Mosul. Pope Francis has called for the protection of civilians in Iraq[/tweetit]

Facts about Muslims

Fact Tank Releases Interesting Findings about Muslims and the Islam Religion

Pew Research Center has compiled a list of stats on Muslims and Islam around the world, including their views on ISIS. The Islam religion

J Preville Syria

Interview: How did Syria Get into this Mess of Chaos?

An interview with John McHugo on Syria's history over the last 100 years. Written by Joseph Preville and Julie Poucher Harbin for ISLAMiCommentary Is

Christians and Muslims are Working Together on the Battlefield in Iraq to Fight ISIS

“In battlefield you forget who you are, to which religion you belong... The only thing that you think of is how to defeat your

Sunnis and Shiites Unite to Throw ISIS out of Tikrit

The old adage: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” has played out in the warring country. Two groups, Sunnis and Shiites, have