What Do Scientologists Believe?

What Do Scientologists Believe?

"Take a look, and you may be surprised how closely Scientology beliefs parallel those of all men and women of good will." Over the

Forty Years a Scientologist: A Comment on Friendship

Forty Years a Scientologist: A Comment on Friendship

"By any standard, quite the stellar group, but what's most interesting is that these people—while anything but ordinary—are not completely out of the ordinary

Why I Trust L. Ron Hubbard

"He helped me to discover my own purpose. That alone was a lifesaver." Occasionally in the course of a day, I hear disparaging things

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What Faith in Our Schools Really Means

Separation of church and state doesn’t mean we have to divorce our faith from our day-to-day lives.- Wil Seabrook, STAND blogger I have a

I Left Scientology as a Teen: Here’s Why I Came Back

I was born into a Scientologist family and took this for granted for most of my life. As with anyone born into something, whether

Celebrating International Religious Freedom Day

October 27 is International Religious Freedom Day. The Religious Freedom Act—the passage of which we celebrate today—established the office of the United States Ambassador-at-Large

STAND Letters to Advertisers

Scientologists Initiate Letter-Writing Campaign to Advertisers of A&E’s Leah Remini Show

Scientologists are taking a stand against companies advertising during Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Members of the Church of Scientology are reaching out