Mental Health Spiritual Awareness

Improved Mental Health is Found Through Greater Spiritual Awareness

Featured Contributor Keith Wommack describes how the way we think affects how we live. This year, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone revealed that she had

Why do religious differences disturb us so much?

Instead of focusing on differences in religion being a problem, we should focus on us. Why does difference, especially of religion, disturb us so

Arrest Harmful Thoughts

How to Use Spiritual Reasoning to Help Reduce Your Stress

Without spiritual reasoning, life often appears stressful and cruel. But, many around the world are practicing the type of prayerful spiritual logic that allows

Good Health Good Listening

How Good Health Requires Good Listening: The Positive Relationship Between Spirituality and Health

Listening in our conversations and in our prayers can develop a healthy body and mind. Admit it. You’re a lousy listener. Don’t fret. I