Rare Blood Disease Linked to Religious Ritual Ashura

Rare Disease Linked to Bloody Religious Ritual, Ashura

HTLV-1 has been traced to self-flagellation. The Islamic day of mourning, Ashura, has been linked to an outbreak of a rare blood disease.[/tweetit] The

Religion in Saudi Arabia

Religion’s Major Influence in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is dominated by Sunni Muslims. Islam is the state religion of Saudi Arabia.[/tweetit] Approximately 93 percent of Saudis are Muslim. The majority

The Top 4 Religions of the World

The Top 4 Religions of the World

Based on numbers, the third largest group is the religiously unaffiliated. Four principal religions dominate the world.[/tweetit] These four are followed by approximately 80

Is The U.S. Supporting A Religious Genocide In Yemen?

Is The United States Supporting A Religious Genocide In Yemen?

Political action is needed in one of the worst humanitarian crises. While religion fuels armed conflict across the globe, one of the worst situations

Sunni vs Shiite

Is the Shiite/Sunni Conflict REALLY only about religion?

As shocking as the video clips of Sunni militants mowing down Shiites in Iraq with AK-47s and then handing out Qurans can be, the