Egyptian Lawmaker Wants to Remove Religion from ID cards

Egyptian Lawmaker Wants to Remove Religion from ID cards

Nasr al-Din takes his inspiration from the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Ismail Nasr al-Din, an Egyptian Member of Parliament, stated his intention on

Pro-Palestinian Activist Blames “Jewish Media” for Her Depiction

Sarsour is also a vocal supporter of Louis Farrakhan Linda Sarsour, the pro-Palestinian activist, blamed her controversial reputation entirely on what she termed ";Jewish

Faith in Recovery Pt. 7

Faith In Recovery Pt. 7: How Religious Communities Combat Addiction

Shared Suffering for Communities and Different Approaches to Solving it. “And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if they have saved

Poster with Broken Heart and Word Divorce

India Bans Muslim Practice of Instant Divorce

Cultural Custom was Viewed as Oppressive to Muslim Women In India, many Muslim men divorce their wives instantly by saying “talaq, talaq, talaq.” Talaq

House Rejects Bill to Examine Islamic Leaders Based on Their Level of Extremism

The proposal asked the Pentagon to identify those Islamic leaders who teach a peaceful version of Islam and those who command extremist views. The

Beverly Hills Hotel

Beverly Hills Passes Resolution Condemning Brunei Sharia Laws, Calls for Sultan Of Brunei to Sell the Beverly Hills Hotel

Follow the conversation on Twitter. Resources Sharia Law on Wikipedia Beverly Hills City Council Session Video Official City Of Beverly Hills Site The Beverly