Dawn Eden Goldstein is the First Woman to Earn Canonical Doctorate at Her University

Dawn Eden Goldstein is the first woman to receive a canonical doctorate from the University of St. Mary of the Lake. Dawn Eden Goldstein,

Vatican and Jehovah’s Witness Hall Mourn Prince’s Death

The late Prince was praised in America and abroad during religious services Sunday morning. Despite being was raised a Seventh Day Adventist Prince later

Prince's Religious Beliefs

Prince: Reflecting on his Life, Religion, & Spirituality

Prince’s religious beliefs and their influence on his music career. On April 21, 2016, pop music icon Prince shocked the world with his sudden

Ben Carson Creation

Atheist Richard Dawkins thinks Carson is a “Disgrace” Because He Doesn’t Trust Evolution

Ben Carson touts creationism during Nashville speech; on CNN Richard Dawkins says he's embarrassed by Carson. Ben Carson, the Republican presidential candidate, has once

Seventh Day Adventist Pastors Protest Decision Not to Ordain Women

Male Seventh Day Adventist Pastors request a downgrade in their credentials in protest against the decision not to ordain women. Several male pastors belonging

Ben Carson Wants You To Think This Is Genuine Proof America Is Christian

Ben Carson is using "In God We Trust" to push his agenda that America has a national religion: Christianity. The Republican presidential candidate is

Do Adventists live longer because they treat their bodies as temples?

The Seventh-Day Adventists faith forbids alcohol, tobacco, and instructs plenty of exercise. Studies show that Seventh-day Adventists, whose religion instructs them to treat their