Scientology vigil in Hungary

For Scientology, History Repeats Itself Again in Hungary

Scientology is facing raids in Hungary reminiscent of what happened to them decades ago in Spain. WRN Exclusive - Thank you to the Church

Jim Carrey

Everybody is Wrong About Jim Carrey’s Faith

His beliefs are unique and we shouldn't put him in a box Jim Carrey is one of the most brilliant physical comedians ever. He

Scientology Volunteer Ministry Van

Scientology Volunteers Help With Hurricane Harvey

Working with Firefighters and Elite Search and Rescue Teams The Scientology Volunteer Ministers arrived in Rockport, Texas shortly after Hurricane Harvey had hit the

Elisabeth Moss scientology

Elisabeth Moss Defends Scientology

Elisabeth Moss has been a Scientologist all her life. Elisabeth Moss, lately in the news for her pivotal role in The Handmaid's Tale, has

Scientology Social Media Celebrates L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics on its 67th Birthday

67 years after L. Ron Hubbard published the secular 'Dianetics,' the 1950 self-help best seller and precursor to the Scientology religion, the Church of

Meet People from Different Religions

Take a look into other religions with these videos. Religions are taking advantage of the popularity of online video and using it as a

Religion and the Super Bowl: God, The Pope, Lady Gaga and Scientology on the playing field

How the Super Bowl, football, and faith are inevitably intertwined. Sunday’s Super Bowl will go down in history as being one of the most

Tom Cruise Makes Red Carpet Scientology Statement

Tom Cruise Makes Red Carpet Scientology Statement

When asked about Scientology by a reporter on the 'Jack Reacher' London premiere red carpet recently, Cruise responded publicly on the topic of Scientology

Scientology-Sponsored Criminon Shows Progress in the Indonesian War on Drugs

Scientology-Sponsored Criminon Shows Progress in the Indonesian War on Drugs

Al Jazeera show says Scientology's Criminon program is having a positive impact on Indonesian inmates. Criminon, a secular drug rehabilitation program based on the

ABC 20/20,

Father of Scientology Leader David Miscavige To Discuss His Book on ABC’s 20/20

Ron Miscavige, father of Scientology leader David Miscavige, talks with ABC News Anchor Dan Harris to discuss his new book, "RUTHLESS: Scientology, My Son