Tad Reeves Survival Rundown

Ask a Scientologist – 14 Student Questions Answered about Scientology

Tad Reeves answers some of the most fundamental questions about Scientology A student asked the following questions for a school presentation on the subject

Scientology Parent Dealing With Cancer

Scientology Helped Us Deal with Our Daughter’s Battle with Cancer

Stephanie and Russ Croman and their three daughters. Scientologist parents Stephanie and Russ Croman describe how going Clear helped them through their daughter's devastating

Scientology Parent State Of Clear

My Family and My Life After Going Clear

Featured Contributor and ScientologyParent.com author Tad Reeves interviews a mother of two about how achieving the State of Clear has changed her personal life

Scientology Parent Age of Answers

What “Scientology: Age of Answers” means to a Scientologist parent

Tad Reeves, noted Scientology Parent  blogger, shares his personal interpretation of the new Scientology ad. During the big game, or since, you may have

Respecting Families of Another Faith

Respecting Families of Another Faith

How learning about the beliefs of other religions can help us understand and connect with one another in a positive way. As parents, we

9/11 - What do I tell my kids?

ScientologyParent.com – What Will I Tell My Kids about 9/11?

What will I tell my kids about 9/11? My oldest is a kindergartner now. My guess is that this year it’ll come up, and