Koran in Mosque and Featured Contributor Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh

The Quran Is Misinterpreted

The path of Islam focuses on the spiritual evolution of oneself. The starting point to any discussion involving religion and its significance in a

Tillerson’s Religious Freedom Report Says Fighting ISIS’ Genocide Is a Priority

No mention was made of Muslims being attacked in a targeted manner in the US Rex Tillerson, the United States Secretary of State, spoke

Muslim pilgrims worshipping for Hajj

Saudi Arabia and Qatar Battle over Hajj Pilgrims

Continue Conflict Between Arab Countries The United Nations has received a complaint from Qatar concerning restrictions placed by Saudi Arabia over Qatar pilgrims. The

Woman Who Went Viral After Wearing Mini Skirt in Saudi Arabia is Released from Police Custody

Woman Caught Violating Religious Laws on Clothing Not Charged. Saudi police have released, without charging, the women who created an online sensation when she

Trump Issues Statement on Ramadan

The President’s softening stance on Islam has become more obvious in his address for Ramadan; calls Muslims partners in fighting extremism. President Trump greeted

Trump’s Views on Islam are Changing

From a presidential candidate who wanted to completely ban Muslims to a President who called on Arab leaders to help him in the fight

US President Donald Trump Meets Pope Francis

Trump is more determined to pursue peace after visit to the Vatican. In a brief, notably awkward encounter, President Donald J. Trump met with

Making History, Trump Visits the Western Wall With His Family

Donald Trump prayed at the Western Wall, the holiest site for Jews, together with his wife Melania, his Jewish daughter Ivanka, and his son-in-law

Trump’s Speech in Saudi Arabia on Muslim Extremism

Despite his earlier rigid stance on Islam, Donald Trump spoke about the religion in a very soft tone during his Saudi Arabia visit. Trump’s

Trump Will Give a Speech About Radical Islam to Muslims in Saudi Arabia

The trip to Saudi will be followed by a trip to Israel and a visit to the Vatican - all three will have important