Salt Lake City Scientology Church Grand Opening

Scientology Is Adding Mega-Churches Two At A Time

At a time when PEW Internet data says religious “nones” status is growing and many religions, the Catholics included, are shuttering Churches due to

Something Can Be Done About it Convoy

How a Utah Interfaith and Charity Coalition is Making a Difference for Hurricane Harvey Survivors

More than 200 tons of building supplies, will be donated to Rockport, TX residents Friday, September 29. With all the natural disasters that hit

The Mormon Pioneer Day Holiday

Traditions and reenactment of the historic Mormon pioneer trek. July 24 of each year is a state holiday in Utah, the location of the

Catholics and Mormons United on These Issues that are “Good for America”

LDS and Catholics are promoting "the gift of family" and "safeguarding religious freedom." The Most Reverend Joseph Kurtz, the Archbishop of Louisville, Kentucky, and

Utah Lesbian Mayor Takes on The Anti-LGBT Mormon Church Stance

Jackie Biskupski Will Pressure The LDS on its anti-LGBT stance. Salt Lake City made history when it elected Jackie Biskupski, an openly lesbian woman,

First Black Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Michael Curry Will Take Office in November

On November 1st, one history-making presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church will leave office as another history-maker enters. Bishop Michael Curry of North Carolina

Mormons Building Bridges

Mormons Expanding LGBT Support

The new generation of those who follow the Mormon religion are speaking out about their sexual preferences. In a recent conference held at the