Understanding the Foundations of Religion

Understanding the Foundations of Religion

"To yield an understanding of the religious nature of man, by showing us an essential and permanent aspect of humanity" - Emile Durkheim Practitioners

Devilishly Good: ‘Hail Satan?’ - TST Documentary at Sundance

Devilishly Good: ‘Hail Satan?’ Satanic Temple Documentary Premieres at Sundance

In her documentary Hail Satan?, director Penny Lane demystifies The Satanic Temple and its rituals. Hail Satan? premiered on January 25 at Sundance Film

Dhanu Sankranti

The Hindu Celebration of Dhanu Sankranti

Offerings of water and flowers to the sun god Dhanu Sankranti is a holiday celebrated in Indian mythology.[/tweetit] It is also known as Dhanu

How Christmas and Chinese New Year Are Similar

Christmas and Chinese New Year have their differences, but they're also quite similar. You might believe that Chinese New Year is just a special

The Origins and Similarities of Halloween, All Saints’ Day, Samhain and Reformation Day

The relationship between Halloween, Samhain, Reformation Day and All Saints' Day Despite being commemorated around the same period of the year by different groups

Is Harry Potter A Religion? This Podcast Says Yes

The Harry Potter faithful are heeding the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast. The fact that Harry Potter fans have been religiously faithful


First Ever Book Series Outside Japan on Shinto Tradition

California scholars Allan Georges Grapard and Fabio Rambelli create America's first Shinto study book series. Bloomsbury Publishing has become the first publishing house outside

Does this Video Suggest Monkeys Believe in God?

Does this Video Suggest Monkeys Believe in God?

Video footage suggests chimpanzees may believe in a higher power. Scientists have recently made a potentially revolutionary advance in biological research with video footage


Hindus Decreasing Pollution Caused By Rituals in Queens

After environmental concerns in Jamaica Bay after pollution from religious rituals, Hindu groups are promoting awareness of the environmental harm being caused and looking

Muslim Man Performs Last Rites for Hindu Friend

Muslim man refused to allow differences in faith to stop him from helping out his Hindu friend. Relationships between Muslims and Hindus in India