Democrats Introduce Equality Act for LGBTQ Americans

Democrats Introduce Equality Act for LGBTQ Americans

A person's rights should not depend on a zip code. Congressional Democrats introduced the Equality Act on March 13.[/tweetit] The bill would edit current

Reality TV Show Brings RFRA Case on Catering Gay Wedding to Your TV Screen

'You the Jury' brings up a controversial incident surrounding a pizzeria's refusal to cater a gay wedding. FOX's new reality show You the Jury,

Will Marijuana be Protected as a Church of Cannabis Spiritual Sacrament Under RFRA laws?

The Church of Cannabis is expanding rapidly, but can marijuana hold up against the RFRA as a religious sacrament? Following the establishment of the

ACLU Fights Against RFRA Using Religion to Discriminate

The ACLU will no longer stand behind the RFRA on the basis that people are using their personal beliefs to abuse others. The American