Muslims are speaking out against armed Jihad, but no one seems to be listening

Muslims Are Speaking Out Against Armed Jihad, But No One Seems To Be Listening

Response to Tarek Fatah's Claim About That Muslims Are Silent on Extremism Recently well-known critic against Islam Tarek Fatah stated that few if any,

reza aslan

Religious Groups Applaud CNN for Dropping ‘Believer’ Host Reza Aslan

Reza Aslan's angry Trump tweet did what no protesting religious group was able to do, remove him and the show from the CNN lineup.

Believer, CNN Documentary Hosted by Reza Aslan Causes Outcry from Hindu Leaders and Activists

CNN's Believer  criticized for offensive portrayal of Hinduism. There is a line dividing what is curiously interesting and outright offensive. The new CNN show

Watch Reza Aslan Slam Paul Ryan on Trump’s Muslim Ban

Islamic scholar Reza Aslan's video to Paul Ryan on the Muslim ban and his immigrant roots. Iranian-American Islamic scholar Reza Aslan posted a video

Reza Aslan Says More Muslims on TV Can Combat Islamophobia

Iranian-American TV celebrity believes that Muslims should be more involved in pop culture to combat Islamophobia. American-Muslim scholar Reza Aslan believes that Islamophobia can

Richard DawkinsI slam Feminist

Atheist Richard Dawkins’ #tweetfail “Islam Needs a Feminist Revolution”

Richard Dawkins' tweet saying a feminist revolution needs to happen in Islam did not go over well with Muslims. Richard Dawkins, noted Atheist author,must

Biblical Literalism

Biblical Literalism is Factually False According to Claims by Reza Aslan

Reza Aslan argues the Bible was not meant to be as literal as it is inconsistent. Instead of Biblical Literalism, Christians should believe the