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Why Talk About Religion?

For as the old saying goes, “Friends and family should never discuss politics and religion.” — Forbes, 2020 About half of U.S. adults tell us

On A Petition And A Prayer

On A Prayer and a Petition

“What exactly happened, and what gave you the strength to fight your case, Mr. Salve?” I asked. “Your job as an English teacher was

Religion vs. Religious Freedom

Religion vs. Religious Freedom

Wayne explores the dilemma: "if one believes salvation is only available through one’s own faith, how do you deal with people of other faiths?"

Safeguarding the Secular State in an Era of Religious Extremism

After the 2016 terrorist attacks, the Ministry of Social Development was established to safeguard secularism and monitor and counteract subversive religious practices. Kazakhstan is

Dalai Lama Says Religion is Personal and Shouldn't Be Used to Mobilize

Dalai Lama Says Religion is Personal and Not to Use it as a Mobilization Tool

He appreciates India for its diversity Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, said religion is "personal business" and not be utilized to "mobilize"[/tweetit]

Yale Humanists Erect Sculpture, Aim for Inclusion

Will Yale Humanist Obelisk Increase Religious Tolerance?

Yale Humanists Erect Sculpture, Aim for Inclusion Christmas is a time for celebration in New Haven, as the Yale community so well knows. Walking

Video Game Overwatch Sparks New Religion

Video Game ‘Overwatch’ Sparks New Religion

It's bein used As A Form Of Protest in Brazil What constitutes a religion? Mateus Mognon, a Brazilian video game player is exploring that

Inaugural Religious Freedom Roundtable Held in Australia, Attended by 29 Members of Different Religions

Preservation of religious freedom, inclusion, and pluralism are among the topics to be discussed at the Religious Freedom Roundtable in Sydney. Australian Human Rights

France & America Have Radically Different Takes on Religion

Daniel Estrin, reporting for PRI, commented on the drastically different opinions between France and America regarding religion. France has recently grown a bad reputation when

Respecting Families of Another Faith

Respecting Families of Another Faith

How learning about the beliefs of other religions can help us understand and connect with one another in a positive way. As parents, we