St Mary and Eanswythe, Folkestone photo by Chris Whippet, CC

Religious News from Around the Web March 9, 2020

Largest Buddhist Temples, Bible in Sign Language, Muslim Thanks Sikhs, Quebec Bans Religious Symbols, Beautiful Nigerian Churches, Lutheran Students Drive Tractors to School, Douglas

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi, photo by Claude Truong-Ngoc CC

WRN News From the Web: Fairness for All? Muslims Excluded, Genocide Charges, Jehovah’s Witness “Extremism,” Mennonites, Catholic Voter Poll, NJ Bill Would Dump Religious Exemption for Vaccinations

Myanmar Leader Rejects Genocide Charge A 2017 crackdown in Myanmar against the country’s Rohingya Muslim minority allegedly included mass killings, rapes and arson and

Religion in Canada

Religion in Canada

7 facts about religion in Canada Canada is the hub of cultural diversity and religions. Each of this element mixes together and makes Canada

Quebec's New Law Forbids Religious Symbols to be Worn by Public Workers

Quebec’s New Law Forbids Religious Symbols to be Worn by Public Workers

The legislation will affect all public sector personnel in Quebec. Legislation introduced by Quebec lawmakers on March 28 will forbid individuals working in the

Sikh Men Finally Granted Permission to Serve in Military With Beard and Turban

Issue of granting Sikhs permission to join the military while keeping religious symbols has been an ongoing battle for years. A fight by three

Menorah and Cross Engravings from the Time of Jesus Discovered

Hikers find 2,100-year-old etched cross and menorah symbols in Judean foothills Right after the New Year celebration, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced the

German Judges Want Headscarf Ban in Courts

German Judges Want Headscarf Ban in Courts

Judges call for hijab ban in German courts. A new decision by two influential associations of German judges bans legal representatives from wearing any