Nepal religious conversions

Nepal Outlaws Christian Conversion, Providing More Protections for Hinduism

Violation of law will bring incarceration plus punitive monetary fines The Government of Nepal enacted a law to restrict evangelism.[/tweetit] Bidhya Devi Bhandari, the

Pakistan Assembly Finally Passes Bill to Protect Rights of Hindu Women

Pakistan Assembly Finally Passes Bill to Protect Rights of Hindu Women

Landmark bill passed by Pakistani assembly recognizes Hindu marriages and protects women's rights. After decades of delays, Hindu couples in Pakistan will finally have

Lindsay Lohan Quran

Is Lindsay Lohan Converting to Islam? Actress Seen in Brooklyn Carrying the Quran [Video]

The troubled actress is rumored to be studying Islam. After a court-ordered community service session at a children's center, Lindsay Lohan left carrying a

OBC Convert to Buddhism

Why are 6,000 Indians converting to Buddhism in the New Year?

An estimated 6,000 OBCs in Maharashtra, India are set to convert to Buddhism on New Year. There is a massive religious conversion taking place

Frank Tipler

Former Atheist Professor Believes in God After Researching Big Bang Theory

Inspired by scientists who came before him, an American atheist professor has converted to Christianity and is working to prove God is real. Physicists

Forbidden Love

Young Hindu Girls Targeted by “Love Jihad” Conspiracy

The conflicts among Muslims and Hindus in India are not a new issue, so any type of amorous relationship between two young people of