Statue of Jesus in Makale Indonesia

Indonesia to Indigenize the Arabic Name for ‘Jesus Christ’

Come 2024, the world’s most populous Muslim country—Indonesia— will stop using the Arabic term for Jesus Christ when referring to Christian holidays and will

Flag of Pakistan

Crowds Assault Churches in Pakistan Following Allegations of Quran Desecration

Hundreds of men attacked Christian communities and torched churches in a town in Pakistan on August 16 following accusations against two Christians of desecrating

Rasmus Paludan burning Quran

Quran Burnings Prompt U.N. Human Rights Body to Urge Increased Action Against Religious Hatred

In the wake of incidents in Europe where the holy Quran has been burned, the United Nations Human Rights Council is urging countries to

Republican Palace, Baghdad

Protestors Storm Swedish Embassy in Iraq Following Quran Desecration in Stockholm

Outraged by the scheduled act of burning a Quran by an Iraqi man in Sweden, scores of demonstrators forcefully entered the Swedish Embassy in