Will Priests Soon Be Allowed To Marry?

Will Catholic Priests Soon Be Allowed To Marry?

Pope Francis wants to change ancient tradition of celibacy. Pope Francis has requested Catholic priests be allowed to marry. This is because of the

Pagan Priest Photographed with Horns for State ID Card

Pagan Priest locks horns with DMV, but wins right to wear religious head attire in state ID. A pagan priest made news when he

Priest Donates $250,000 Prize Money from 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' to Catholic School

Priest Donates $250,000 Prize Money from ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ to Catholic School

Fr. Bill Matheny donates Who Wants To Be A Millionaire winnings to St. Francis of Assisi School in St. Albans, West Virginia. A Catholic

First African-American Catholic Priest in the U.S. Could Be Canonized

Archdiocese of Chicago pushes for beatification of first U.S. African-American priest. Augustus Tolton was born a slave. He was born in Missouri, in the

Dawn Eden Goldstein is the First Woman to Earn Canonical Doctorate at Her University

Dawn Eden Goldstein is the first woman to receive a canonical doctorate from the University of St. Mary of the Lake. Dawn Eden Goldstein,

How Influential is the Russian Orthodox Church in State Affairs?

The union of the Russian Orthodox Church and state is the new normal in Russia. The country's 1993 Constitution clearly describes Russia as secular,

Holy Hoverboarding Singing Priest Has Been Suspended

Priest in the Philippines was suspended for Hoverboard at Christmas Mass. A Catholic priest in the Philippines has faced suspension from the clergy. He

Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes is Actually A Catholic Priest

'The Redemption of the Devil' documentary reveals the "fascinating walking contradiction" that is Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes. The Eagles of Death

Women Mormon Ministers

The Truth About The Mormon Attitude on Female Priests

Joseph Smith’s teachings on Mormon priesthood and women, according to two new essays posted Friday. The final of two essays released by The Church

Kidnapped priest

Kidnapped Priest Gets a Little Help from a Muslim Friend & Escapes ISIS

Catholic kidnapped Priest from Syria escapes ISIS with the help of a Muslim friend. Father Jacques Mourad, a Syrian Catholic priest, has escaped from