Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes is Actually A Catholic Priest

Jesse Hughes
By Alfred Nitsch (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 at], via Wikimedia Commons
‘The Redemption of the Devil’ documentary reveals the “fascinating walking contradiction” that is Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes.

The Eagles of Death Metal frontman, Jesse “The Devil” Hughes has been referred to as a “fascinating walking contradiction” among other things. A film documentary about Hughes' life called, The Redemption of The Devil is being presented by VICE. The film is a very intimate portrayal of the year that Hughes and Josh Hommes complete the new album of Hughes' band, Eagles of Death Metal (EODM) together. Hommes has been the best friend of Jesse Hughes since their childhood.

Meet the Eagles of Death Metal Member Who is Actually A Catholic Priest[/tweetthis]

Jesse “The Devil” Hughes is a mustachioed, tattooed man who commands the stage as one of the sharpest “walking contradictions” the music industry has ever seen. Hughes is the frontman for the EODM band, and he is also a father, an NRA member, an avid Donald Trump supporter, and ironically enough, an ordained Catholic priest.

The charismatic EODM front man whose band performs hard rock songs with lyrics about drugs, sex, and Satan, among other things, also wears his faith for all to see right out on his tattooed sleeves. Hughes also is not afraid to voice his passionate opinions, however controversial they may be, on two of the most sensitive and controversial issues that continue to loom over the numerous tragic attacks by terrorists of this 21st century: “religion and guns.”

[WARNING: Explicit Language]

Hughes' intense for conservative politics eventually ends up leading him to consider re-entry into the political arena of things. Hughes' life sometimes seems to be endlessly explosive while he continuously preaches on righteousness and right-wing beliefs, all whilst toting a gun in his hand.

Jesse Hughes describes himself as being “unabashedly devout in his Christianity.”[/tweetthis]

Hughes describes himself as being “unabashedly devout in his Christianity.” His mother was a Catholic who took him away from his abusive “Rock-and-Roll” father. Hughes believes that his father's disobedience to God, “abandonment of faith” and “disobedience to God” did not serve him well at all. This became what Hughes describes as a “model for the left” for him. He explains “the left” as “anyone who doesn't love Ronald Reagan and doesn't accept (without a doubt) the 2nd Amendment.” And, to anyone who does not agree, he threatens actual physical violence.

In the year 2012, Hughes was ordained as a reverend. In an interview with Calgary Herald, Hughes discusses holding Sunday mass on tour “to those who would otherwise be deprived of it in the rock ’n’ roll environment.”

From his living room in Atwater Village, Hughes bashes Obama and praises Ronald Reagan, as he sermonizes on his Internet radio show, all while surrounded by sex, drinks, Elvis, Satan, and of course, the Bible. Hughes refers to these as his “tokens of warring, driving influences.”

Hughes is passionate in his dedication to religion, rock and roll, and personal freedoms. He supports gun ownership in America and feels that the solution for America's problems and issues is that everyone needs to go back to church, like NOW. Hughes had plans to pursue political goals before his music career took of late in his life.

The film The Redemption of the Devil and the EODM's new album, Zipper Down produced by GUN vocalist Mark Rankin are available for download on iTunes.


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