Oregon Gunman Asked People Their Religion Before Shooting

Troubled Oregon gunman may have been motivated by a hatred for organized religion. In the recent horrifying gunning incident at the Umpqua Community College

Christian Canadian Bus Driver Fired After Refusing to Drive Gay Pride-Themed Bus

Calgary transit employee claims he was fired because driving a bus promoting the gay pride festival conflicted with his beliefs. A Christian Canadian bus

Mormon Church Returns the Favor, Hosts Shabbat for Jews whose Temple was Destroyed

Mormon Church extends the same generosity as their Jewish neighbors did over 50 years ago. In March of 2014, the Temple Beth Sholom in

Sir Nicholas Winton

Man Who Saved Over 600 Children in the Holocaust, Sir Nicholas Winton, Dies At 106

Prime Minister David Cameron said that "the world has lost a great man." On July 1, 2015, the “British Hero of the Holocaust” Nicholas

Atheist Protester

The Horrible Past Atheists Seek To Avoid

Modern atheism is broadly defined as the absence of belief in a deity or religious group. Some atheists do not see any links between

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey Remembers Kristallnacht With Emotional 75th Anniversary Worship Service

This past weekend, November 9 and 10, marked the 75th anniversary of the attacks of Nazi troops on Jews in Hitler's Germany and areas