Atheist Protester

The Horrible Past Atheists Seek To Avoid

Atheist Protester

Modern atheism is broadly defined as the absence of belief in a deity or religious group. Some atheists do not see any links between themselves and other proclaimed atheists.

Atheists collaborate on topics of secular life and the benefits offered by exploring scientific research. However, though the stigma attached to atheism is quickly fading in the west, there are some dark, negative aspects of atheism that the latest generation hopes to avoid.

Past Associations

In the past, Atheism has been tied to several movements looking to take an entirely secular approach to the world. While this has led to advancements in thinking of human beings on their own merits, it has also given some individuals a justification for horrific acts. One of the most famous examples of atheist ideals being twisted into something terrible was created by Ernst Haeckel, a man who wanted to establish a “religion of science.” By doing so, he created a system that used anthropology to create a hierarchy of human beings based on their racial groups, creating the justification that was used to further the ideals of Nazi Germany.

Even philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is being pushed away by contemporary atheists, who value his philosophy but see his ideas about atheism and morality as troubling and potentially threatening.

Atheist ideas that have been combined with scientific purpose have resulted in uncaring and inhumane acts in the past, and contemporary atheists have fought to distance themselves from them.

Evangelical Atheism

The latest, and loudest, incarnation of atheism is attempting to redefine themselves as secularists seeking a world free of the ills perpetuated by religion. Yet, in doing so, the collectives that are given the most attention can be best described as evangelicals in their own right. In the mind of modern critics, this new brand of atheism is looking to usurp liberalism from its religious roots and then deny that those roots existed at all. This accusatory approach to atheism believes that a secularized world is a world that is one without problems. The ease with which atrocities have been justified and the people around them have been ostracized says otherwise.

Yet, it is important to remember that atheists are not bound together in a fashion that is typical of religion. In many cases, their only common interest is a disinterest in religion. That is why it is important for atheists and religious people to examine negative acts in light of the people committing them and not the banner under which they commit them.


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