Australian Evangelists Are Praying for America’s Future

Australians have begun praying for the survival of the United States during its "spiritual battle." Millions of Americans will be observing the National Day

CAIR Urging Muslims to Vote and Thwart Trump’s Campaign

CAIR is campaigning for one million Muslim voters against Donald Trump. Reema Ahmad, the director of Project Mobilize, a political action nonprofit organization dedicated

Indian Women Protest Ban on Entering Temples During Their Periods

Hindu and Muslim women in India are bringing a taboo subject to light and fighting to enter buildings of worship regardless of their menstrual

Muslim Americans More Likely to Reject Violence Over Others in the U.S.

U.S. Muslims are more tolerant and against violence than most Americans. Political candidates like Donald Trump are pushing for Muslim American profiling and the

Philly Daily News Slams Trump as “The New Furor”

Philly tabloid comes out swinging after Trump's proposal on Muslims, declares him "The New Furor." Many newspapers, including The Philadelphia Daily News, responded hard

France Shuts Down Mosques, Confiscates Weapons and Propaganda

Mosques suspected of radicalization; French authorities find war grade weapons and jihadist propaganda. After the November terror attacks in Paris, there is absolutely no

Should Christians Read the Quran?

Discussions are being had on whether Christians should read the Quran to better understand Islam. Islamophobia is now almost at an all time high