Pope Francis in Mongolia

Pope Francis Unites with Religious Leaders in Mongolia to Advocate for Peaceful Coexistence

During the first papal visit to Mongolia, Pope Francis held an interfaith gathering with representatives from 11 diverse faiths as he sent a message

Pope Francis

Cardinal Emphasizes Pope’s Devotion in Visiting Mongolia’s Small Catholic Community

As the countdown commences for the inaugural papal visit to Mongolia in early September, the highest-ranking Vatican official in the Asian nation has characterized

Bringing Back Mongolia’s Rich History & Culture of Buddhism

The Grand Maitreya project is one of Loving - Kindness for world peace. An ancient tradition for some Mongolian and Tibetan High Buddhist Lamas

200-year-old Buddhist monk discovered still meditating in Mongolia

In Mongolia, researchers discovered the mummified remains of a 200-year-old Buddhist monk sitting in the lotus position as if he were still meditating. The