Mississippi Schools Cannot Display Religious Items

Latest Win for FFRF: Mississippi Schools Cannot Display Religious Items

It is unconstitutional to endorse religion in a public school. Teachers in Lee County School District were instructed by the school superintendent that they

Ten Commandments in Mississippi schools

Mississippi Dem Wants the Ten Commandments Displayed in All Schools

Only one part of the three-part bill can be allowed by the Constitution Democratic Mississippi Representative Credell Calhoun has proposed House Bill 1100 which

Attorneys Asking Mississippi to Block Law that Discriminates Against LGBTQ

The House Bill 1523 is a highly restrictive law. Mississippi attorneys filed papers on July 6, requesting the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Atheist Billboard Taken Down in Mississippi

One of the most religious states in America was not pleased with a billboard's unfavorable message about God. Mississippi is known as one of

NY Governor Bans State-Sponsored Travel to Mississippi Over Anti-LGBT Law

Governor Andrew Cuomo has suspended state-sponsored travel to Mississippi after the passing of religious bill that allows for discrimination against LGBTs. In recent U.S.

Mississippi Senate Passes Sweeping Anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Bill

Opponents of the bill call it the most discriminatory bill ever to be passed in the history of the United States. Discrimination has always

Mississippi Lawmakers Want State Book to be the Holy Bible

Mississippi Lawmakers Want State Book to be the Holy Bible

This marks the second attempt to make the Bible Mississippi's state book. Two Mississippi lawmakers have proposed the designation of the Bible as the

‘In God We Trust’ Police Car Bumper Sticker Reignites the Debate of Church and State

Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed complaints on a dozen Law Enforcement Agencies requesting the removal of the religious messages from publicly financed vehicles.

Bible textbooks

American Humanist Association Takes Mississippi School District to Court Again for Violating Religion Policy

The Rankin County School District allowed Gideons to distribute Bibles and hosted an awards ceremony that included a prayer delivered by a reverend. In