FFRF Condemns the Appointment of Tony Perkins to U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom

FFRF Condemns the Appointment Of Tony Perkins To U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom

Perkins Is Known For His Rabid Anti-LGBTQ Views Tony Perkins, the President of Family Research Council (FRC) was appointed to be a member of

Meriam Ibrahim

Sudanese Woman Faced Death Penalty – Was Freed – Detained Again

Meriam Ibrahim, a young Sudanese woman who had been living under a death sentence, was released from jail earlier this week, but has been

Meriam Ibrahim

Meriam Ibrahim, Sudanese Christian Woman Sentenced to Death for Apostasy, May Be Freed

Meriam Ibrahim, Sudanese Christian woman sentenced to death for her beliefs may be released pending court appeal. There may be some good news in