Will Mars ColonyNeed Religion for Survival?

Will A Mars Colony Need Religion For Survival? Scientist Says Yes

Scientist Claims That Mars Will Need A New Religion To live on Mars you need oxygen, food, water. But one scientist is arguing that

If AI is a Threat to Christianity, How Might the Catholic Church Adapt to it?

The Catholic Church survived the Heliocentric and Evolution theories, will it survive an age of AI? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a reality steadily gaining

Bill Nye: “It’s Not Crazy to Suggest Life Started on Mars”

Bill Nye discusses the discovery of water on Mars on The Nightly Show. Water has been found on Mars and Bill Nye is pretty

Si Robertson

Si Robertson Says Atheists Don’t Exist During Talk of New ‘Faith of Our Fathers’ Film

via Wikimedia, CC by 2.0 Duck Dynasty star says "there's too much documentation" for someone to really be an atheist. Si Robertson, star of