Lithuanian City Honors Nazi-Collaborator

Lithuanian City Honors Nazi-Collaborator

Vilnius renames street in honor of Nazi collaborator Kazys Skirpa There have been many heated discussions as well as protests about renaming a small

Pope Francis Warned Lithuania on the Resurgence of anti-Semitism

Pope Francis Warned Lithuania on the Resurgence of Anti-Semitism

Lithuania has a chequered past when it comes to Nazism. [tweeit]Pope Francis used decisive language to warn Lithuanians against the revival of anti-Semitic attitudes

Pope Francis Visiting Baltic States

Pope Francis is Visiting the Baltic States

This is the second visit by the Vatican papacy following end of Soviet rule Pope Francis began his four-day trip to the Baltics last

Amazing Discoveries in New Treasure Trove of Holocaust Documents

170,000 documents were found that were hidden during the Holocaust. Jonathan Brent, the executive director of YIVO Institute for Jewish Research made an announcement

Mind-Boggling Tunnel Jews Dug by Hand During Holocaust is Discovered

A tunnel from the Holocaust era dug by escaping Jewish prisoners in Lithuania was recently discovered. The tunnel was found at Ponar (now known