Pro-Palestinian Activist Blames “Jewish Media” for Her Depiction

Sarsour is also a vocal supporter of Louis Farrakhan Linda Sarsour, the pro-Palestinian activist, blamed her controversial reputation entirely on what she termed ";Jewish

Muslims Break Ramadan Fast In Front of Trump Tower

Protest staged against Trump administration's blatant Islamophobic policies An interfaith Iftar meal was celebrated right outside Trump Tower[/tweetit] on the night of June 1.

5 Religious Figures in Fortune’s 50 Greatest Leaders 2017

Men and women of Fortune's World's Greatest Leaders list are transforming the world. Fortune's World's Greatest Leaders ranking is an annual list of leaders

J.K. Rowling’s Tweet Bumps Muslim Fundraiser for Vandalized Jewish Cemetery Over $100,000

Muslim-Americans raise over $100,000 to repair vandalized historic Jewish cemetery. Despite Donald Trump’s repeated assurances that his government would tackle the problem of anti-Semitism,

Richard DawkinsI slam Feminist

Atheist Richard Dawkins’ #tweetfail “Islam Needs a Feminist Revolution”

Richard Dawkins' tweet saying a feminist revolution needs to happen in Islam did not go over well with Muslims. Richard Dawkins, noted Atheist author,must