Norway’s Lutheran Church Votes to Support Same-Sex Marriage

Norway’s Lutheran Church Votes to Support Same-Sex Marriage

Lutheran Church of Norway votes in favor of gay marriages. Norway is a progressive country. It has already adopted policies and legislation to support

Pastor Says Girl Scouts’ Support of LGBT Community Should Be Punishable by Death

Anti-Gay Pastor Kevin Swanson implies Girl Scout Leaders should be executed for being "Pro-Gay." The anti-gay advocate Pastor Kevin Swanson expressed his frustrations by

Tennessee County Doesn’t Want Same-Sex Marriages Cuz it Fears ‘Anger’ and ‘Wrath’ of God

Tennessee's Blount County apologizes to God for same-sex marriage. In a recent incident in Blount County, Tennessee, the county Commissioner Karen Miller worked on


Are Secular Humanists Better Gay Allies than Religion?

Humanism may not have always been the ideal support group for LGBTQs but there have been many Humanists that offered their support in different

Controversy over Georgia Pastor’s Sermon on Homosexuality But It’s Not What You Think [Video]

Pastor responds to homosexuality hypocrisy in a sermon video that's gone viral. A video was posted to YouTube without the knowledge of E. Dewey

In a Historic First, the Mormon Church Donates to Utah Gay Youth Program

The church told the Utah Pride Center they were "grateful to be able to serve your efforts in this worthy project." In what is

Danny Cortez New Heart Community Church

CA Church Removed from Southern Baptists for LGBT Tolerance

The New Heart Community Church in La Mirada, CA, has taken a controversial stance on the LGBT community, and the Southern Baptists kicked them