Sikh Captain America Set to Fight Racism In Trump’s America

Sikh Captain America is doubling up on his efforts to combat bigotry after Trump’s election.

Vishavjit Singh, dubbed ‘Sikh Captain America,’ has been fighting against bigotry and racism in America ever since the 9/11 attacks. When Trump started campaigning for president, he realized that he would double his efforts and knew then who he shouldn’t vote for. Singh observed that Trump was driving wedges between the Americans, and was strengthening his campaign by fanning the fear and distrust that America’s majority white Christians have been having towards minorities. For him, the Trump campaign was thriving on the disintegrating unity of Americans.

Sikh Captain America Set to Fight Racism In Trump’s America.[/tweetthis]

Singh was so wary that Trump won the election, the Washington-born cartoonist knew that it was time to don the form of Captain America again and fight against the rise of racism. The 40-year-old American Sikh has been actively going around the country, giving talks at campuses and institutions. Singh feels that Trump ran his campaign strategy by focusing on the fears of Americans. He believes that winning by harnessing fear in this manner will only be disastrous for the nation.

There was a sharp increase in crimes against minorities in the U.S. immediately after the elections. Singh doesn’t seem to be surprised because he believes that Trump’s election was seen by white Supremacists as approval to do whatever they wanted against non-Christians and people of color.

Singh’s practice of dressing up as Captain America to fight against racism and bigotry makes a strong statement. When he wears the costume, “suddenly, I am like the ultimate patriot for fellow Americans – someone to be embraced, saluted, captured in pictures. Someone who represents America; someone who is one of ‘us.’ ”

Trump’s election disappointed most of the minority communities including Muslims, Mexicans, LGBTQ, Sikhs and according to Singh, even women. He believes that if his constant speeches and talks against these minorities have created a very hostile environment for them. He says that the kind of hostility and coldness that minorities face are more than ever before. Singh was one of the crowds that had gathered in anticipation for the election results. He recalls the resentment and disappointment that swept through minority Americans when Trump was elected.

However, America’s Sikh superhero doesn’t seem to be afraid of the consequences of the elections, and says that he is determined to fight Trump’s racist ideas.


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