On A Petition And A Prayer

On A Prayer and a Petition

“What exactly happened, and what gave you the strength to fight your case, Mr. Salve?” I asked. “Your job as an English teacher was

Ever Wonder Why the Jews Don’t Have a Pope?

Everybody is free to learn whatever and however they wish to from the Torah. Although there are some Jews who would really appreciate having

Michigan Approves Bills that Allow Adoption Agencies to Refuse Service based on Sexual Orientation and Religion

Three bills were passed that permit Michigan adoption agencies to deny service based on faith-based beliefs. The Michigan Senate Families Seniors and Human Services

First Official UK Wedding in a Scientology Church

The first official Scientology wedding in England took place Sunday February 23 at the Scientology Church at 146 Queen Victoria Street, London. For most

Religion In Schools

Atheists and ACLU standing against “Limited Public Forum” for Students to Express Religious Beliefs

Utah Legislature is at present seeking to have a settlement regarding the new Mississippi Law, which concerns religion for students. Senator Todd Weiler looks

Ugandan Reverend Levi Okello Says NO To Sunday Funerals

Reverend Levi Okello, the priest at a small church in Uganda, has announced that Sunday funerals will no longer be allowed to take place.