Lady of Guadalupe Celebrations and Background

The Lady of Guadalupe is much revered among the Latin-American community Latino communities across the United States are all set to celebrate the Lady

Latino Muslims Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the Only U.S. Spanish-Speaking Mosque

Centro Islamico in Houston, Texas, a mosque for Latino Muslims, celebrated their first Cinco de Mayo last week. In the wake of the events

The Role of Religion in Black and Latino Families

The Role of Religion in Black and Latino Families

Soul Mates examines religion, love & marriage among African-Americans and Latinos. As a response to the present ethnic and racial divisions in the United

Racial Diversity In Religion

How Ethnically Diverse are Religions?

Research by Pew ranks the least and most racially diverse religions. A Protestant denomination, the Seventh-Day Adventists, weighs in as the most racially diverse

Hispanic Religious Identity Changing

Religious Identity of Hispanics in the US is Moving Away from Catholicism

A new report from the PEW Religion & Public Life Project supports the increasing shift in religious identity within America. This time the focus