Trump Iftar Meal Snubbed Several Key Groups

Trump Iftar Meal Snubbed Several Key Groups

Mostly diplomats from Muslim countries were invited to attend United States President Donald J. Trump hosted his first iftar party in the White House

Site of Moses' Death Reopens After 10-Year-Long Restoration Process

Site of Moses’ Death Reopens After 10-Year-Long Restoration Process

Memorial site where Moses saw the Promised Land reopens Moses, one of the most of the important figures to Jews, Christians and Muslims for

Israeli Muslims Are Less Religious Than Muslims from Other Regions

Study shows religion is less central in daily Muslim life in Israel. Although Israeli Muslims are more devout compared to other major religions of

Muslims Sharply Divided Over Qur’an’s Influence on Laws

Should the Quran influence laws in Muslim countries? A survey by the Pew Research Center has revealed that there are prominent fissures in the

Were Christians, Muslims and Jews Masters of Magic?

Ancient Amulet Raises Questions of Magic in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. A thin metal scroll was discovered in an ancient city in Jordan that

All Roads Lead to The Lost City of Sodom

Archaeologists think they have finally discovered the lost city of Sodom in Jordan. A team of U.S. archaeologists from the Trinity Southwest University headed

Jordan River

Are tourists visiting the wrong side of the Jordan for Jesus’ baptism?

As tourists flock to the Jordan River to celebrate Jesus' baptism, new findings might prove that He was actually born on the other side,

Christians Flee to Jordan for Refuge from ISIS

About 4,000 Christians left the Iraqi city of Mosul for Jordan in the last three months, forced out by Islamic State fighters. With the