White House Dinner Celebrates Evangelical Leadership

White House Dinner Celebrates Evangelical Leadership

Trump wants to win the 2018 mid-term elections United States President Donald Trump hosted a dinner for members of his faith advisory group.[/tweetit] Together

Largest Christian University Enrollment takes a Dive

“Largest Christian University,” Liberty, Loses its Title After Enrollment Takes a Dive

The Trump-backed university tries hard to defend itself despite experiencing decreasing enrollment Liberty University has never shied away from repeatedly calling itself “the largest

Trump Will Deliver Liberty University Commencement Address

World’s largest evangelical university’s ties with President Trump to be cemented during May visit. The students of Liberty University have mixed feelings about President

Who Church Leaders Endorse for the 2016 Election and Why Catholic Leaders Don’t Endorse Anyone

Religious leaders are generally uncomfortable to directly endorse any particular political candidate. Leading up to yesterday's Iowa Caucus, GOP leaders were touring the state