Israeli Airline Can’t Force Women to Move for Ultra-Orthodox Men Who Don’t Want to Sit Next to Women

The Jerusalem Magistrate Court delivered the decision. An Israeli airline has been ordered to stop asking women to change seats to accommodate ultra-orthodox Jewish

U.S. – Israel Bond Going Strong

Jared Kushner's trip to Israel is a strong statement that the U.S. stands with Israel and against terrorism. When it comes to the Middle

US President Donald Trump Meets Pope Francis

Trump is more determined to pursue peace after visit to the Vatican. In a brief, notably awkward encounter, President Donald J. Trump met with

Making History, Trump Visits the Western Wall With His Family

Donald Trump prayed at the Western Wall, the holiest site for Jews, together with his wife Melania, his Jewish daughter Ivanka, and his son-in-law

Trump’s Speech in Saudi Arabia on Muslim Extremism

Despite his earlier rigid stance on Islam, Donald Trump spoke about the religion in a very soft tone during his Saudi Arabia visit. Trump’s

Trump Will Give a Speech About Radical Islam to Muslims in Saudi Arabia

The trip to Saudi will be followed by a trip to Israel and a visit to the Vatican - all three will have important

Muslim Men Compete to Be Next Prayer Caller in the ‘American Idol’ Style Contest

Israeli reality TV 'A Muezzin is Born' Israel has proposed a "Muezzin Bill" which if implemented, will restrict loudspeaker use for religious purposes. Unsurprisingly,

What Kind of Wine Did Jesus Drink?

Researchers may have the answer to what kind of wine Jesus might have drank back in the day. Biblical historians and researchers have pondered

Israel’s Jewish Marriage Database is a Red Flag

Ultra-Orthodox Jews propose international Jewish database. A plan by the ultra-Orthodox Jewish authorities to create a Jewish database[/tweetit] has caused a stir among Jews

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman Confirmed by Senate Committee

Friedman's confirmation as US ambassador to Israel is a controversial move. Last Thursday, David Friedman was approved as the new ambassador to Israel[/tweetit] during