In ‘State of the World’ Speech Pope Francis Pushes for Nuclear Ban

The pontiff expressed concern about fundamental human rights violations. Pope Francis, during his annual “State of the World” speech he asked all nations to

Aharon Appelfeld, Literary Giant Who Gave Vivid Voice to Holocaust, Dies at 85

Award Winning Holocaust Author, Aharon Appelfeld, Dies at 85

Aharon Appelfeld has 47 books to his name One of Israel's most talented writers, Aharon Appelfeld, 85, died on January 4. He had won

Poll of Journalists

Poll of Journalists Finds Trump’s Relationship with Evangelicals is the Biggest News Story of the Year

'Trumpvengelicals' now influence White House actions The year 2017 resembles the past year 2016 in a number of ways. The more prominent among them

Israel Minister Proposes a Trump Train Station at Western Wall

Israel Minister Proposes a Trump Train Station at Western Wall

The rail line will likely face opposition from Palestinians. Yisrael Katz, the Israeli Minister of Transportation, is going ahead with ambitious plans to dig

Nazareth Christmas music performances canceled

Christmas Performances Canceled in Nazareth to Protest Trump’s Jerusalem Move; Christmas Market Will Remain Open

Only outdoor singing is barred Ali Salam, the Mayor of Nazareth, has taken the decision to hold all Christmas festivities[/tweetit] despite a palpable anger

A Path Towards Peace or Provocation?

Jerusalem. A legendary city anchored in all three of the Abrahamic faiths. A city that unites us spiritually yet sadly divides us politically. On

Reactions to Trump's Jerusalem move

Reaction to Trump’s Jerusalem Move

Reactions from the Jewish conservatives and liberals were true to their book Jews on the political right welcomed U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to

Donald Trump

Democrats Not Invited to White House Hanukkah Party

Only Jews supporting President Trump policies were invited President Donald J. Trump of the United States intentionally did not invite any Jewish Congressional Democrats

Trump is Trying To Start a Religious War

Trump Is Trying To Create Religious Conflict

The Decision To Officially Name Jerusalem the Capital of Israel is Designed to Create Muslim Violence President Trump has a problem. A central tenet

Pope Francis Calls for Respect of ‘Status-Quo’ in Jerusalem

Pope Francis met senior leaders of the Palestinian Authority Pope Francis asked for Jerusalem's "status quo" to be maintained[/tweetit], pointing out that renewed tension